For your convenience, we’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about Driveaway Deals. If you can’t find the answer to your question, please call us on 1300 132 555 or email .

Who is Driveaway Deals?

Driveaway Deals is the new consumer division of Southgate Fleet Management, an established vehicle procurement and fleet management company with over 25 years’ experience operating Australia-wide. Driveaway Deal was launched to allow individuals to access the benefits and services that Southgate Fleet Management has been providing to its corporate and Not For Profit clients for decades; including our purchasing power, industry knowledge and expertise, well-established systems, seamless processes and the strong relationships that we have built with dealers and manufacturers Australia-wide.

To learn more about Southgate Fleet Management and other divisions of The Southgate Group, please click here.

Why did you start Driveaway Deals?

We launched Driveaway Deals because we understand the stress and hassle of buying a new car! We know it’s difficult to tell the truth from the sales pitch, to decide which features you need and to know if you’re really getting the best price. So we’re giving you a helping hand.

Traditionally our car buying service has only been offered to our fleet, finance or novated lease customers – but now Driveaway Deals allows us to offer a dedicated division to cater specifically for individual consumers. We want to make the car buying process easy and enjoyable for you, with complete peace of mind that you’ve achieved the best possible deal.

What does Driveaway Deals do?

Driveaway Deals provides you with a simple, convenient and smart way to buy your new car. We give you the purchasing power of a major fleet company, the knowledge and advice of an industry expert and the convenience of personalised service. We handle the whole process from start to finish – from helping you select the right car, to negotiating the best new car prices on your behalf and arranging delivery to your door. We keep it simple for you, so you get the best deal without the hassles!

You simply submit a quote request describing the car you’re looking for and we will negotiate the best possible price from our network of trusted dealers Australia-wide. You receive a full quote in writing (with no hidden costs) and once you’ve accepted the offer, we place your vehicle order and arrange delivery to your door. Your details are kept private so you’re not hassled with phone calls and spam emails from pushy salespeople. Simple, smart savings for you – guaranteed!

How many cars do you sell?

Driveaway Deals doesn’t technically ‘sell’ cars - we source them, negotiate the pricing and facilitate the sale between our customers and the dealers. Driveaway Deal and its parent company sell thousands of new cars every year. Over the past 25 years of operation, we have saved our customers tens of millions of dollars on their new car purchases.

Is Driveaway Deals a car broker?

Yes - Driveaway Deals acts as a car broker to facilitate the purchase of your new car. However, unlike other car brokers, Driveaway Deal provides a complete service to manage every step of the process through to delivery. We ensure there is full transparency at every step, and that you get the right car at the best price! There is no physical transaction between the buyer and Driveaway Deal; we act on your behalf to negotiate the pricing and purchase of your car directly with the dealership. Our expert consultants can also offer you a range of finance solutions if required.

How is Driveaway Deals different from other auto sites?

Our competitors act as the middle man – they take their fee, put you in touch with the ‘best dealer’ and vanish. Driveaway Deal is different because we offer a complete service, helping you with every aspect of the car buying process and staying by your side until the end. We even arrange the valuation and sale of your trade-in. Our expert consultants can give you handy tips and advice on cars to suit your needs, negotiate with dealers in your local area for the best price and provide you with a clear and simple offer so that you can compare ‘apples with apples’. Most importantly – we don’t just disappear once you’ve chosen your preferred offer and dealer. We continue to manage the communication between you and the dealer right up to delivery, to ensure a smooth process and a happy customer! We don’t just get you the best price, but we also remove the stress and pressure that comes with buying a new car.

Is everything done online?

Driveaway Deals combines the best of online convenience with personalised service from real people. The car buying process can involve many steps, from selecting the right car to negotiating trade-ins and seeking finance approval. Whilst all of our processes can easily be done online, we do have a team of expert consultants who are available to take your call and answer any questions that you may have.

Where do the testimonials come from?

All of our testimonials have been provided as feedback from customers who have purchased a car through Driveaway Deals or our parent company. If you have any feedback on your own experience with Driveaway Deal, we would love to hear from you – simply email

How does it work?

The first step is to choose your new car using the search tool on our website. Then request your quote by calling 1300 132 555 or completing our online quote request, ensuring that you list all desired options and accessories. Then leave the rest to us! We contact your local dealers (and others) to request their best pricing, and then negotiate a little further. Once we have the absolute best price, we provide you with a written quote that is easy-to-read with no hidden costs. After you’ve accepted the quote, we place your order with the dealer. All that’s left to do is arrange delivery and enjoy your new car!

How much does it cost?

The best things in life are free – and this is true for Driveaway Deals. We offer a free service to our customers. We don’t charge you a cent, so you have nothing to lose.

If you don’t charge a fee, how do you make money?

Over the years, Driveaway Deals and its parent company have developed a successful arrangement with our dealer and manufacturer networks. Put simply, we receive a flat fee from the dealer on every vehicle they sell that we have arranged. We are not paid to endorse certain makes and we are completely independent of all brands – we just provide equal, independent assistance to buyers and dealers. We believe this is the fairest and most transparent way to cover our costs and maintain a solid relationship with dealers, whilst providing our customers with the best deal possible and independent unbiased advice. Most importantly for you, the quotes you receive are all-inclusive so there are no hidden or unexpected costs from us or the dealer (which is often the time when a ‘great quote’ you have found elsewhere can turn into an average one!).

How many offers will I get?

Driveaway Deals will ask a selection of dealers to quote on your preferred vehicle, including any accessories you have requested. These dealers understand how competitive the process is and give us their best price first time, every time. Once all dealers have quoted, we then negotiate with the best-priced dealer to ensure we achieve the best possible Driveaway Deal for you! We will provide you with a single quote for the best pricing, in a simple and easy-to-read format.

How quickly will I receive my offer?

Driveaway Deals does not use automated quote tools with estimated pricing, so you won’t receive an immediate price. Once you’ve requested a quote, our team will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your chosen vehicle and any outstanding details. Generally you will receive your new car quote via email within 1-3 business days. If you have a trade-in, you should receive your quote within 3-5 business days to allow sufficient time for valuation and negotiation of the trade.

If you require an urgent quote we can work within a faster timeframe, however the best results are usually achieved when we have longer to negotiate with the dealers.

When will my quote expire?

Once your quote has been emailed to you, you will have 48 hours to review and accept the quote by returning the vehicle order form (attached to the quote) via fax or email. After 48 hours the quote will expire and we cannot guarantee that price on behalf of the dealer. If any other expiry periods apply to your quote (for example, pricing bonuses that require the car to be ordered and/or delivered by a certain date) then this will be specified on your quote.

If I request a quote, am I obligated to buy a car?

Absolutely not! Just keep in mind that we do take your enquiry seriously, so if you don’t go ahead with a purchase we would love to know why. We may contact you to provide us with feedback so we can continue to improve our service. If you’ve simply changed your mind on the car make or model since receiving a quote, our expert vehicle consultants would be happy to assist you in comparing the options to select your perfect car.

Is Driveaway Deals only for new cars?

Yes. By limiting our services to new cars only, we can ensure that all dealer quotes are based on comparing “apples with apples”. New cars sourced through Driveaway Deal will have a compliance date no older than 3-6 months unless otherwise negotiated and agreed by you.

Driveaway Deals can also arrange quotes for demonstrator vehicles that may be available in dealer stock. However, quite often our new vehicle prices are cheaper than demonstrators due to wider availability – plus you get your choice of colour and certainty of the vehicle’s history. If you are considering a demonstrator vehicle, we recommend that you discuss your requirements with our Vehicle Consultants so they can help you compare your options.

Why do you need personal details such as my phone number, email and postcode?

Because Driveaway Deals does all the legwork, we need your postcode to find your local dealers and your contact details so that we can keep you updated on the process. Your information is kept 100% confidential from dealers until you’re ready to arrange delivery or valuation of a trade-in. Driveaway Deal is your single point of contact so you only receive a call or email from us (instead of dozens of dealers).

Are my personal details protected?

Unlike other auto sites, we do NOT sell your information to dealers or use it for any other purpose than to facilitate your car purchase. We don’t even disclose your name to dealers until you’ve placed an order or to arrange valuation of a trade-in. This prevents you from being hassled by pushy salespeople and unwanted calls. Refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.

How do I know I’ve got the best deal?

Driveaway Deals is a dedicated car buying service, whose purpose is to negotiate the best new car deal for our customers. To achieve this, we combine our vast industry knowledge and experience with innovative technology and refined processes. We ensure that our dealers provide comparable quotes based on the same model, specifications and accessories as you have requested. We provide you with a written quote, in a clear and simple format, with no hidden costs.

Driveaway Deals removes all of the uncertainty that can arise from shopping directly with dealers – Are they quoting the newest model? Does the price include on-roads? Have they included your preferred accessories? With Driveaway Deals, you will always receive our quotes in writing and inclusive of all on-road costs.

Remember a dealer’s job is to sell you a car at the highest possible price; our job is to source your car at the lowest possible price. It’s that simple, we are here for you.

Can I change my order once it’s placed with the dealer?

Where you require changes to your new car order, Driveaway Deals will endeavour to accommodate these where possible. Some changes may not be possible once the order has reached a certain stage. Any changes must be requested through Driveaway Deals directly, not via the dealer. This way we can issue an amended order to the dealer and ensure that you receive the exact car you expect.

How long will delivery take?

The delivery timeframe varies greatly from vehicle to vehicle, however most vehicles are available for delivery within 1-2 weeks (sometimes sooner if you are flexible on colour choice and it’s in stock). As you can choose the colour and specifications of your vehicle at the time of order, the quote provided is not for a specific vehicle in stock. Once you choose the colour and specifications of your vehicle, we then source the vehicle for delivery ASAP. If you need it by a specific date, just specify this on your order form.

What’s in it for dealers?

Driveaway Deals gives dealers the opportunity to be introduced to customers like you: customers who know what they want and who are ready to make a purchase (at the best price of course!). The internet has shifted the way that car buyers and dealers operate. These days, buyers are more savvy. They do their research and compare prices without ever visiting a dealership in person. For this reason, dealers often don’t know where they stand and whether a customer is genuinely looking to buy, making it difficult to do best by the customer and offer a fair price. Driveaway Deal solves this issue by linking our trusted network of dealers with serious buyers who are ready to buy and want a hassle-free process and the best new car price.

We liaise specifically with the Fleet Department of a dealership, who focus on achieving sales volumes rather than just profit margins. They are accustomed to providing discounts for fleet clients and our broader customer base, so they know they must offer the best price to win your business. Dealers rely on us to achieve their volume targets (rather than revenue targets), so they can concentrate on selling cars at higher margins for walk-in customers who buy directly from the dealership.

How many dealers does Driveaway Deals work with?

At present, the Driveaway Deals network includes over 2,500 dealers Australia-wide. We use a network of regular dealers in each state, as well as including your local dealers where possible. We can even include a specific preferred dealer upon your request if they’re not already within our network. We are always open to taking on new dealers, but first we make sure they satisfy our high standards for quality, transparency and customer service before we add them to our books. This means no dodgy dealers, no broken promises and no hidden costs.

Does Driveaway Deals use dealers in my local area?

Driveaway Deals has dealers nationwide in every state, across all makes and models. We also love to support locals and will endeavour to use your local dealers wherever possible. Vehicles are always supplied by dealers that are local to your region.

How far away are the dealers from me?

This varies based on where you are located. Driveaway Deals does our best to support local dealers and will always try to include them in the quoting process. However, we cannot guarantee that any specific dealer will be included on any given occasion. If you’re concerned about distance for delivery or servicing in the future then don’t stress! We arrange new car delivery to your door and there is no obligation to use the same dealer location for servicing of the car. Once you’ve purchased your car, it can be serviced at any franchise dealership or licensed mechanic provided that they perform a logbook service (which ensures that you retain your full warranty rights).

Do dealers provide me with the driveaway price?

Yes, Driveaway Deals will provide you with a quote that is based on the driveaway price of your new car. The “driveaway price” is a motor vehicle industry term that includes the negotiated new car price, any government charges (eg. stamp duty, luxury car tax, registration and CTP/greenslip) and dealer delivery charges. With Driveaway Deal, you can drive away in your new car knowing that it’s registered and roadworthy with nothing more to pay.

If you are entitled to any special concessions on government charges (such as pensioner registration rates or exemptions for the disabled) please let us know so that we can adjust your quote for these concessions. You will be required to provide supporting documentation prior to delivery.

How do I pay for the car?

Driveaway Deals will require a deposit of the greater of $600 or 1% of the on road price at the time you order your vehicle. The deposit amount will be deducted from the balance payable to the dealer. You must make payment for the balance directly to the dealership before delivery. Driveaway Deals can help guide you through the payment process or arrange finance solutions if required.

Can I use Driveaway Deals If I have finance?

Absolutely, our services are available to everyone regardless of how you decide to pay for your new car. If you have already arranged finance, we will request that the dealer invoices your finance provider for payment. Alternatively, our consultants can assist in arranging a finance solution tailored to your needs. If you choose our finance, we can get you into your car even faster as our dealer networks are familiar with our processes.

Can I finance a car through Driveaway Deals?

Yes. Our parent company, The Southgate Group, has been arranging vehicle finance solutions for customers for over 15 years. Call us on 1300 132 555 and our expert consultants will step you through the range of available finance options.

Will dealers try to haggle with me?

No. Driveaway Deals has agreements with all of our dealers that no negotiations take place after we have placed an order on your behalf. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and we take this matter very seriously. If you have any issues with a particular dealership when using our services, please notify us immediately.

Changes to our Vehicle Order Terms and Conditions

Driveaway Deals may make changes to our Vehicle Order Terms and Conditions at any time. When changes have been made, the updated version of the Terms and Conditions will be posted on our website at

These Terms and Conditions were last modified on 8th October 2019.

Does a cooling-off period apply?

There is no cooling-off period applies in most states and territories for new vehicles orders. In states and territories without a cooling-off period you will have to pay the supplying dealer a fee of up to 10% (15% in WA) of the purchase price to cancel your order plus the cost of any optional accessories already fitted to the vehicle prior to cancellation.

The following states/territories have cooling-off periods:

State/Territory Cooling-off period Cancellation Fee during cooling off
(greater of $ amount or % of purchase price)
Cancellation Fee after cooling-off
(% of vehicle price)
ACT 3 business days $100 or 1% 10%
VIC 3 business days* $400 or 1% 10%
*individuals only, does not apply to companies, body corporates or for commercial vehicles.