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  • Receive Your Quote
  • Place Your Order
  • Enjoy Your New Car

Use our online ‘vehicle search tool’ to find your perfect vehicle from over 3,000 models and updates that are released each year. You can browse by price range, vehicle category (eg. small car, people mover) or particular makes and models. To help you narrow down the choices, you can apply filters such as body shape, fuel type (petrol, diesel) and transmission type (manual or auto). When you have a shortlist of options, you can view detailed specifications to help make an informed choice.

Alternatively, if you’re overwhelmed with choices, let our expert vehicle consultants help you find the right vehicle. They can step you through a range of options, offer independent advice and first-hand experience to narrow down the choices. We can even let you know about special bonuses and manufacturer discounts available at the time, to give you an even better Driveaway Deal.

Once you’ve picked your dream car, we begin working our magic. Complete our online quote request by selecting your chosen vehicle, then any manufacturer options or dealer accessories you would like. Don’t forget that we obtain discounts on accessories too (so if you want to include something extra, now is the time to ask!)

Normally it takes 1-3 business days to negotiate the best pricing and ensure that all relevant dealers are given a chance to compete. If you need a faster quote, let us know and we’ll see what we can do…..Remember the final price is generally cheaper when completing the full process.

If you have a trade-in vehicle, let us know the vehicle details - including registration number, year, make, model and current kilometres. We’ll arrange for a few dealers to inspect and value the vehicle, then ask additional dealers to quote too based on this information. This will add a few extra days to the process but the results are well worth the wait!

Once we have received all pricing and completed negotiations with the dealers, we will email you a written quote with the best Driveaway Deal achieved. Now is the ideal time to discuss with your consultant whether the vehicle meets your budget and if there are any last minute changes to the specifications (eg. desired accessories). If you want to discuss finance options, our finance specialists can help you find the right finance solution and beat all the major banks on interest rates and fees. When you are ready to proceed, we can investigate the current colour availability for your vehicle.


Your written quote comes with a partially pre-filled order form. To proceed with ordering the vehicle, review all details on the order form, make sure everything meets your requirements and complete the missing details. You need to confirm your preferred colour choice(s), provide us with the details for vehicle registration and let us know what date you would like your vehicle delivered.

Once you place the order, it is a binding contract and you must proceed with the purchase. We will place your order with the successful dealer and arrange delivery to your door. If for any reason we cannot meet your colour choice or delivery time requirements, we will let you know your options before proceeding any further.

Approximately 3 days before delivery, the dealer will contact you to confirm the exact time and location of delivery. Please note that delivery cannot occur until you have paid the dealer in full and the funds have been cleared. If your finance is being arranged through Driveaway Deal, then we will complete the finance arrangements in a timely manner to ensure that your new car is delivered promptly and stress-free.

Once your new car is delivered, we would love to hear about your new car buying experience with Driveaway Deals. We encourage you to provide feedback on all aspects – including your consultant, the process and the dealer. We even appreciate feedback on your specific car make/model so we can share your thoughts and experiences with other customers who are looking at a similar car.

Lastly, don’t forget about our Referral Program ‘Mates Rates Rebates’. If you refer a friend or family member who proceeds with a purchase through Driveaway Deals, we’ll reward both of you with a “rebate” to say thank you! Referral must be a new customer. Take advantage of our great referral program to enjoy continued savings long after your new car has been delivered!


As a dedicated car buying service, Driveaway Deals can achieve the best possible price on your new car purchase because of our significant buying power. We have over 25 years of industry experience and we purchase thousands of new cars each year, making us a very influential buyer. This means that we achieve better pricing and discounts than what an individual or large fleet can negotiate themselves, even with the same dealership. Dealers know that if they do wrong by a Driveaway Deal customer it may cost them hundreds of potential sales, ensuring that our customers get better customer service and a better price.

Our buying power can help you achieve the best new car discounts, as well as saving on additional costs such as accessories and on-roads.


Driveaway Deals uses a unique ‘blind tender process’ to negotiate your new car pricing. Rather than using a few fixed preferred dealers, we keep the tender process competitive and honest by including a range of large and small dealers on each quote occasion. Dealers only have one chance to give us their best pricing, so they know they must be competitive from the start. We then negotiate even further with the best priced dealer until we have the best possible Driveaway Deal.

By selecting the best dealers and adopting a blind tender process, we ensure that dealers are competing at the highest level of competitiveness to win our business. Dealers are forced to be more competitive on both price and customer service compared with what they offer their own walk-in customers.


With over 25 years of operating Australia-wide, we have built an extensive knowledge and understanding of how the new car industry works. We know how to avoid dealer tricks and traps and can provide you with unbiased advice and tips because we are completely independent of any particular brand or dealer.

With our knowledge of industry pricing and dealer margins, Driveaway Deal knows exactly how far we can push dealers for discounts and better pricing. This also means we can easily differentiate a ‘good deal’ from a bad one. Our ultimate goal is to use this insider knowledge and our buying power to negotiate the best possible Driveaway Deal for each customer.