Most car buying services will promise you a competitive car price - however they often fall short when it comes to associated costs (eg. accessories, on-road costs). Some don’t even handle trade-ins, leaving you to negotiate the final price yourself directly with the dealer, and making it uncertain whether it really is a good price. Their job is to sell you any car at the highest possible price they can.

At Driveaway Deals, our job is to get you the right car at the lowest possible cost. We handle all negotiations on your behalf and then pass those savings back to you with a great Driveaway Deal. We not only secure you the lowest possible price on a new car, but we can also save you money on factory options and vehicle accessories, get you the best deal on your trade-in and even give you helpful tips to save money on associated taxes and on-road costs. Better yet – you don’t pay any fees for our new car quotes.


Think back to the last time you bought a car – how many Saturdays were spent at dealerships? How many calls and emails went back and forth? How long did all of the paperwork take? Hours upon hours of time spent to get “the best deal” (or so you were told). At Driveaway Deals we believe there’s a better way to buy a new car.

Being a specialised car buying service, we not only save you hours at the dealerships by obtaining and comparing quotes more efficiently, but we also handle the whole process from start to finish. We search for your desired make and model, obtain an estimated delivery timeframe, check that all of your desired accessories are included in the quote, arrange trade-in valuations for your existing car and even arrange your finance if required. Our complete service will save you time at each step along the way, so you have more time to spend on the things you enjoy.


It can often be a stressful experience buying a new car. You have to deal with many bumps along the way – such as dealers hassling you with phone calls, high pressure sales tactics and hidden costs. Driveaway Deals aims to make the car buying experience stress-free and enjoyable for our customers by managing the entire process from start to finish. We obtain quotes from a wide range of dealerships to get you the best Driveaway Deal, then we present you with the best quote in writing, in a clear and simple format with no hidden costs. Furthermore, we ensure that you receive the exact car you were expecting; no old models, no old build dates and no nasty surprises that may affect the future resale value.

With Driveaway Deals, there is no need to spend your weekends visiting dealerships or being harassed by pushy salespeople. Sit back and relax with the confidence that a specialised company is managing the whole process on your behalf.


Over the past 25 years we’ve built a large network of reliable and trusted car dealers all across Australia. We use thousands of dealers, from major franchises to small independent local dealers – all of which must meet our high service standards. With Driveaway Deals, you can rest easy knowing that your car has been sourced from a trusted local dealer, at the best possible price. If a dealer does the wrong thing by Driveaway Deal clients, they know it would cost them hundreds of potential sales. Our relationships and purchasing power keep the dealers honest, so our clients get better service than most dealers provide to their own walk-in clients.


The role of a car salesperson is exactly that – to make a sale. They will often tell you anything you want to hear to get the sale across the line, rather than considering what product is best for you. At Driveaway Deals, we are independent of any car dealer or manufacturer, so our only client is you. We listen to your individual needs and preferences then give you completely independent advice on which car might suit you best. Better yet, our expert consultants know the ins-and-outs of the car industry which ensures you get the best Driveaway Deal every time. We buy hundreds of cars per month from dealers all over Australia, with no bias towards any particular make or model. Our job is to find what’s best for YOU, not us.


A common downside of buying a new car is the lack of privacy that follows – from persistent salespeople calling you day and night to your inbox being filled with marketing spam. With Driveaway Deals, your details are not passed onto any third parties unless it’s absolutely necessary to facilitate a service (eg. to arrange trade-in valuation, finance or new car delivery). This prevents dealers from hassling you with unwanted phone calls, emails and pushy sales tactics. We never sell your personal details to marketing companies or alike.


Driveaway Deals is revolutionising the way you buy a car. We make it simple, convenient and guarantee you the best Driveaway Deal. We do this by combining the best of both worlds – the convenience of online facilities with the premium service offered by a real company, with real offices and real staff to look after you. Unlike some companies that are 100% online, Driveaway Deals is part of an established business that has operated Australia-wide for over 25 years. We use real consultants (not automated online quotes) who tailor each quote to meet your specific needs and preferences, and who are always just a phone call away. Your consultant will handle the entire process on your behalf, from sourcing quotes and negotiating the best deal, to handling valuation of your trade-in and arranging delivery to your door. With personalised service, we go the extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction with your Driveaway Deal.


Buying a new car can be a difficult and stressful process. Whether you need help navigating through the endless list of car makes and models or want to know how much your trade-in car is worth, Driveaway Deals can help you. We offer a personalised, premium service with real consultants to address your every need. We don’t use outsourced call centres and you won’t be greeted with automated-answering services – our calls are always answered by real staff in real offices. Driveaway Deals prides itself on providing the best customer service and tailored solution for every customer.